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Concord Hospital Subsidised Bariatric Program

Patients under our Concord Hospital Subsidised Bariatric Program receive substantial financial assistance on weight loss surgical procedures provided they meet specific criteria.

These patients go on a slightly different journey to that of our private patients, meeting first with one of our Bariatric Physicians before undergoing formal assessment by our Psychologist and Dietitian. Once approved, your surgery and aftercare is exactly the same as for our other patients.

This program is specifically designed to provide a more affordable treatment option for patients suffering significant ill health from their obesity who do not have private health insurance and cannot afford the high cost of treatment in a private hospital.

To be eligible for the Subsidised Bariatric Program you must meet specific requirements including being a resident of NSW, having a BMI of at least 40, as well as major and proven medical problems such as Type 2 Diabetes, sleep apnoea, NASH (severe fatty liver), major structural joint pain (referred from orthopaedic specialist) and/or PCOS with fertility issues (referred from a fertility specialist).

Following assessment, your case is then referred to the Concord Hospital Director of Medical Services who determines final approval.

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