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Am I Ready for Weight Loss Surgery

4 simple questions to ask yourself



Am i ready for weight loss surgery





Weight loss surgery works best when you commit to improving your ways. It needs partnership.





How badly do you want to lose weight?





Only you know the honest and truthful answer to this question. Do you really want to make a lifestyle change and improve your health and wellbeing by losing weight or are you simply worn down by others? The latter is probably true, yet deep down inside there is probably a part of you, the thinner you, that is crying to be released; otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post.





Is my obesity affecting my health?





Aside from the visual physical aspects of your obesity, what other issues are you facing health wise? If you can answer yes to any of the following then it really is time to take decisive action:





 - High blood pressure

- Diabetes

- Breathing difficulties

- Heavy snoring and poor sleep

- Fatigue easily

- Abdominal pains – Gas, bloating, cramps

- Aching limbs and joints

- Poor circulation





Do I want to live a healthier, happier and more active life?





Who wouldn't want to be able to do more of the things they enjoy, or try new things, meet new people? Obesity can also impact on a person's social life too, especially if there are psychological barriers like a fear of being ridiculed or a fear of not being able to access a place (cinema's, airplanes, trains, funfair rides are all have restricted seating sizes). Weight loss surgery will help to rediscover life and it's possibilities.





Am I heavy enough/too heavy to even consider weight loss surgery?





If you're wondering if there's a limit to how heavy is heavy enough or even how heavy is too heavy then a specialist is the best person to ask. Most obesity surgeons use the BMI (Body Mass Index) as a guideline. Generally speaking obesity surgery wouldn't be recommended if you only have a couple of kilos to shed. Weight loss surgery is appropriate for people with a BMI of more than 35, particularly when weight-related health problems have started to emerge.





Ready? Check your BMI now or arrange a consultation with one of our friendly, experienced team.



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