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We really care about your success.

Our specially curated 2-year aftercare program is the best around. With nearly 2 decades of experience in managing obesity, our team know the importance of proper aftercare and have developed a comprehensive approach that really works. We provide you with personalised multidisciplinary care to help you lose as much weight as possible, and ensure you feel properly supported.

Weight loss surgery can be complex. It is crucial to have a clinic to turn to if problems arise. At OClinic we pride ourselves on our aftercare. We’re here for you. Not just when things are going well, but especially if they’re not.

It’s your quality guarantee.

What’s included.

  • Flexible consultation format- you choose how you want our consultations- via telehealth or in person. Achieve the weight, lifestyle and health results you desire and deserve, with the convenience of support being delivered to you no matter where you live in Australia.
  • Appointments with dietitian nutritionists every 3 months for 2 years (9 visits) to guide you properly through the diet phases pre and post surgery, monitor your progress, troubleshoot common dietary issues, and tailor a nutritional plan to suit your personal needs and circumstances.
  • Unlimited medical check-ups with our experienced bariatric physicians for 2 years to review your weight loss progress, check blood test results, and troubleshoot any issues such as reflux, swallowing issues, abdominal pain, constipation, etc.
  • Regular blood tests to ensure your nutritional parameters remain healthy.
  • Fortnightly live webinars from our partners at FreshStart to help break old habits, reshape your relationship with food and change behaviour.
  • Full access to the password-protected FreshStart online lifestyle support program.
  • Appointment reminders, helpful tips, and advice to keep you on track from our own in-house OClinic digital lifestyle program, delivered to you at the appropriate stage of your journey.
  • Access to your surgeon Dr Craig Taylor at any time without further charge during the first 2 years should problems arise.
  • 24/7 support for emergencies – During office hours call 8197 9595. Out of hours via Dr Taylor’s experienced team at Concord Hospital (present to the Concord Emergency Department 24/7 and you will be looked after).
  • In the unlikely event that it is required, corrective surgery is also covered within the first 2 years.
Easy access from all areas of Sydney via the M1, M2 & M5 motorways