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  • Obesity linked to birth defects

    Pregnant women who are obese are twice as likely to give birth to children with a birth defect. Whilst the link between obesity and infertility, gestational diabetes, and pre-eclampsia has been well known for many years, the link to birth defects has not been known until now. Pregnancy following gastric banding surgery is safe, and may prevent such problems.


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  • Support groups

    Want to get better weight loss, or a bit stuck mid-way along your weight loss journey? Attend a support group! Moderated by our psychologist Dr Sonia Haggman, support groups are a great way to get back on track. Topics include emotional eating, head hunger, breaking old habits, and relapse prevention. Studies show that people who attend support groups lose more weight than those that don't.

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  • LapBand surgery leads to long term weight loss even after hiccups

    A landmark research project into the long term success of the gastric band from Melbourne has shown that patients maintain an average loss of 26kg 10 years after gastric banding surgery. This research confirms that gastric banding surgery leads to long term weight control.

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  • Joe Hockey has Gastric Sleeve surgery

    We congratulate shadow treasurer Joe Hockey for the positive step he has taken toward overcoming his weight struggle and improving his health by having the Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure. Joe has already lost 20kg in just a few weeks following his successful procedure.

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  • Sandy's amazing loss of 120kg with the LapBand

    We congratulate Sandy from Melbourne who lost an amazing 120kg with the help of the LapBand. Sandy had the Lapband fitted 6 years ago, and weighted 192kg before the procedure. Like many people with morbid obesity, she had tried many diets before this without success. Life was miserable, and her health outlook was bleak. She now weighs a very healthy 71.8kg!

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