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One fixed price for weight loss surgery

At OClinic we are very upfront about exactly how much your treatment will cost with no hidden extras. The cost of treatment depends on whether you have private health insurance coverage or not. Superannuation may also be used in the case where you do not have private health coverage. Call us on (02) 8197-9595 for more information.

If you have held 'Gold' level Top hospital cover for at least 12 months then you will be covered, and your out of pocket cost is $6950. If you are uninsured, or do not hold Gold level cover, then we have packages from $19,000 total cost. This once off, all-inclusive fee covers your surgeon, assistant surgeon, anaesthetist’s fee, and importantly our comprehensive 2-year aftercare program, including all the necessary dietary, medical and psychological support from our highly experienced team to help you reach your goal weight.

The only other cost under normal circumstances would be your health fund excess. You will not be charged further costs from us within the first 2 years. We pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent, and will provide you with a full written quotation so you know exactly where you stand. That’s our promise to you.

Additionally, to eliminate cost as a factor in deciding which procedure is right for you, all of our procedures are the same cost, including revisional or correct surgery. Call us on (02) 8197-9595 for more information.

Superannuation for surgery – it’s easier than you think!

It is recognised that morbid obesity and the medical problems associated with it will reduce a person’s life expectancy, and that weight loss surgery is not yet readily available in the public hospital system. Therefore, the Australian Government allows early access to your or another family member’s superannuation to cover the costs involved in bariatric surgery.

The application for early super release is processed by the ATO. You will need to fill out an application form and obtain a written letter of support from both your GP and Specialist (Dr Taylor will provide his letter of support to you upon request after your initial consultation). The processing time by the ATO generally takes around 2-4 weeks and allow a further 4-6 weeks for your superannuation fund to release the funds to your personal bank account.

SuperCare offer an easier solution for patients whereby they process the application with the ATO on your behalf. This service is generally quicker, however a processing fee is applicable.

For more details on how to access Super to fund your weight loss procedure, phone us on (02) 8197-9595. You might also be able to use Super to cover the costs of travel expenses and accommodation if you live outside of Sydney as well. Its easier than you think!

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