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Why Weight Loss Surgery Can Work Better Than Dieting?

“I’d like to have surgery but is it really worth it?”

Why weight loss surgery can work better than dieting

What kinds of people generally consider weight loss surgery?

For some people, mostly those with fantastic willpower and not so much weight to shift, dieting works very well. However, in some cases where dieting has been tried and failed or maybe where the patient is obese and needs a kick-start to the weight loss, obesity surgery can be invaluable. Often those who undergo surgery are facing real health issues because of obesity.

What kinds of surgery are there?

Stomach surgery comes under three main types, in order of complexity:

  • Gastric Band – restricts overeating and is easily removable
  • Gastric Sleeve/Stomach Sleeve – removal of up to 90% of the stomach reduces hunger and provides portion control
  • Gastric Bypass – sectioning of the stomach and bypassing of food flow which not only provides hunger and portion control, but can cure diabetes in many patients.

How does it work?

Weight loss surgery aims to reduce body fat. The main way to do this is to a) reduce food intake ability and b) maximize the body’s ability to process nutrients. Which of the three stomach surgery options listed above a person chooses much depends on their individual need and preference, to some degree on their natural willpower too.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Here’s a quick overview of the amount of weight you can honestly expect to lose in the 12-18 months following surgery, remember this is a real life changer not a miracle overnight cure:

  • Gastric Banding – 50-60%
  • Gastric Sleeve/Stomach Sleeve – 60-70%
  • Gastric Bypass – 80%

Next steps

The first thing you need to ask yourself, before anything else, is “How badly do I want to lose weight?” You might also want to question “Is my obesity affecting my health? And finally, “Do I want to live a healthier, happier and more active life?” If you answer “Badly”, “Yes” and “Yes” then you’re ready for the next step, which is to consult with an experienced obesity surgeon.

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