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In 2017-18, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey found that over 60% of Australian adults were overweight or obese (12.5 million people).

Importantly, we now understand this is not because of a lifestyle choice or a personal weakness. Scientists have discovered several genes, which predispose someone to obesity – including the FTO, PCSK1 and ENPP1 genes. This explains why obesity often runs in families and why, for the majority of sufferers, diet and exercise are simply ineffective. We all know people who seem to be able to eat anything and everything yet never seem to put on weight, yet others who literally have to spend their lives starving themselves and constantly battle weight.

At Oclinic we recognise that obesity is a medical problem and should be treated without guilt or prejudice.

If the extra weight you are carrying gives you a Body Mass Index over 30, then from a medical perspective you have obesity.

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BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

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BMI Result

  • BMI
  • What your BMI result indicates
  • Less than 19
  • UNDERWEIGHT: You are under optimum weight for your height. You could afford to gain a little weight.

  • 20 - 25
  • ACCEPTABLE: You have a healthy weight for your height.

  • 26 - 30
  • OVERWEIGHT: You are over optimum weight for your height. You may be facing health problems, so losing some weight would be a good idea.

  • 31 +
  • OBESE: You are significantly over the optimum weight for your height. Your health, quality of life, and longevity may be at risk. Our weight loss procedures may be suitable for you. See your GP for a referral and phone us to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.

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