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Going home

The best part is that most people now go home much sooner after surgery.
If you are having day surgery, make sure there is someone to accompany you home and for at least 24 hours, and don’t drive a car, make important decisions, use any dangerous equipment or drink alcohol.

Recovery phase

After surgery, we need to allow the stomach area to settle and the swelling to subside. This can be achieved by having a gradual return to normal solid food:

  • In the first two weeks, you will just have high protein fluids and other beverages, but you will not usually be very hungry so this is quite easy to stick to.
  • In the third and fourth weeks, you will be able to include mushy foods and purees, and the swelling settles down further.
  • After this, it is back to your everyday range of real foods, just in smaller amounts!

You will meet with Dr Craig Taylor and one of our dieticians at the two week mark to check on how you are recovering and explain the recovery diet phase in more detail (colour hand-outs will again be provided to you).

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