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Oclinic specialises in two weight loss procedures, the Gastric Band and the Gastric Sleeve – both established and proven medical treatments that powerfully suppress appetite and manage portion control. Every patient is unique, so it’s important to match the right procedure with each individual. Both of these procedures are performed under general anaesthetic by laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

Gastric Band

More than 80,000 Australian patients, and over 1 million worldwide, have benefited from Gastric Band as a highly successful tool to shed excess weight, overcome weight-related medical conditions, and regain quality of life. Key advantages of gastric band are safety, adjustability, and reversibility – it can be removed anytime.

How does it work?

The adjustable Gastric Band is placed around the top of the stomach, restricting appetite so you can continue to enjoy food, but feel satisfied faster. The procedure takes about one hour, with a safe, speedy recovery. The band can be subsequently be easily adjusted in the office to maintain portion control, and further weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is the latest, cutting-edge advance in weight loss surgery. It involves the permanent removal of 85-90% of the stomach so the physical size of the stomach is reduced. As an implanted device is not used, problems such as slippage are avoided.

How does it work?

The patient feels comfortably satisfied with a much smaller meal, and the hunger hormone Gherlin is decreased, promoting healthier eating patterns. Although the stomach size is significantly reduced, its function remains unchanged, so the sleeve effectively restricts calorie intake without affecting nutrient absorption.

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