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Dietitian Care Plan

  • You will have 8 dietary consultations, typically 1 before your surgery and 7 after.
  • These consultations will take 20-30 minutes.

Assessment and Preparation phase

Initial dietary appointment:

  • We will discuss your current diet, previous barriers to weight loss, dieting and weight loss history
  • We will discuss the pre-operative Very Low Energy Diet (VLED) in detail. Everyone needs to follow a VLED (e.g. Optifast) for 2-4 weeks before their surgery to reduce their surgical risk.
  • We will also discuss what to expect in hospital in terms of diet and the first 2 weeks of a fluid diet after your surgery

You will be given a detailed book of dietary guidelines to follow


  • Surgery-(hospital stay: 1 night for band, 3 nights for sleeve and bypass)
  • Home Recovery – (at home: 1 week for band, 2 weeks for sleeve and bypass) – patient can contact Clinic at any point post procedure if any concerns
  • Dietitian Consultation – The first dietary post-op appointment is typically two weeks after your surgery; we will discuss how you will progress back to a normal solid diet, eating habits and appropriate multi vitamin and mineral supplementation.


This phase can run for 12 to 24 months

  • Bariatrician Consult – (covers regular assessments monthly for band patients and three months for sleeves and bypass)
  • Psychologist
  • Dietitian- You will be offered a dietary follow-up appointment every three months in the first year following sleeve gastrectomy and Roux en y gastric bypass surgery and every two months following gastric band surgery

Support Groups

Helpful books/magazines/websites/apps and tools:

Helpful books/Magazines

  • Portion perfection for bands and sleeves – Amanda Clark Adv APD
  • Your complete guide to nutrition for weight loss surgery – Sally Johnston APD
  • The gastric band nutrition essential – Helen Bauzon APD
  • The weight loss surgery shopping guide – Helen Bauzon APD
  • This equals that book – Trudy Williams
  • Spoons for thought – Justine Hawke & Sally Johnston
  • ‘If not dieting then what’ – Dr Rick Kausman
  • Mindless eating – Brian Wansink
  • Mindful eating – Jan Chozen-Bay
  • Find your appetite – Sue Zbornik



  • Easy diet diary app
  • My fitness pal app
  • Water logged app
  • Water my body app
  • Eat slower app
  • Am I hungry app
  • Eat, chew, reflect app
  • Bariatric timer app
  • Great ideas in nutrition plate and bowl – Amanda Clark Adv APD
  • 4 week weight loss menu plan – Amanda Clark Adv APD
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