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  1. Surgery
    (hospital stay: 1 night for band, 3 nights for sleeve and bypass)
  2. Home Recovery
    2. (at home: 1 week for band, 2 weeks for sleeve and bypass) – Patients can contact the clinic at any point post procedure if any concerns.
  3. Dietitian Consultation
    The first dietary post-op appointment is 2 weeks after your surgery; we will discuss how you will progress back to a normal solid diet, eating habits and appropriate multi vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Weight loss phase

Gastric Band

If you have had the Gastric Band, we will be seeing you every 4 weeks to perform adjustments, have a chat about your progress, and check that everything is working well with your band. We will continue seeing you every 4 weeks until you reach your goal weight – this usually takes around 18 months, although some patients reach their goal weight after 12 months, whilst others may take 24 months.
We like to see you losing between 0.5kg-1kg per week. There is no expiry on the number of monthly visits you can have under our program. We will continue to support you every month for as long as it takes for you to reach your goal weight. This is the phase when most of your Gastric Band adjustments will be performed, and when our guidance, advice and support are most needed.

Gastric Sleeve

If you have opted for the Gastric Sleeve, we only need to see you once every 3 months until your ideal weight is reached. We usually combine these 3-monthly clinic visits with a dietician consultation. Of course, if there are any issues or concerns between scheduled visits, you can have additional consultations at any time free of charge.

Psychologist consultation

At around 6 months after your surgery (either Gastric Banding or Sleeve Gastrectomy), we will again offer you a consultation with one of our psychologists. Also, it’s a good time to check whether any harmful patterns are starting to creep back in, such as comfort eating, and if so, help you with this.
In addition to these formal psychology consultations, we also offer regular support groups. These are held every fortnight in the evening, and are moderated by one of our dieticians. Everyone in our program is welcome to attend as frequently as you desire. Research shows patients who attend support groups achieve greater weight loss.

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